Carrier review: Hip Baby Wrap “Kiwi”

Brand: Hip Baby Wrap

Style: Kiwi

Makeup: 100% cotton, “honeycomb” weave

Size: 6 (4.6 m)

Woven wraps are incredibly versatile, and my favorite type of baby carrier. From birth through toddlerhood and beyond, they allow you to carry baby close and often double as picnic blankets, lovies, and towels in our house.

Hip Baby Wrap, often featured on Zulily, is a brand based out of Oregon. According to their website, their wraps and slings are made using fair trade practices in India. I bought Kiwi while I was in labor with my youngest when it was on sale (around $35), and had completely forgotten about it until I came home from the hospital. Between the amnesia purchase and the fact that the weave structure resembles some of our kitchen towels, it has become known as the “labor dish towel wrap” or LDT. Ha!

Kiwi is a beautiful light sage-silver green, and the waffle effect of the weave structure adds extra cush to what is a pretty thin wrap. There is ample stretch, and it is moldeable and soft from the first wash–making it an excellent beginner or newborn wrap. Though it was an impulse purchase (and one of which I obviously wasn’t totally conscious), it has become a favorite here. The wrap, because of the long floats in the weave, is rather pull-prone, but they seem to wash back in pretty easily.

One major downside to this wrap is that it only comes in one size: 6. If your base size (find out how to find your base here) is longer or shorter, you may want to look elsewhere for a base-sized wrap. However, the wrapping qualities are surprisingly wonderful, so I would venture a guess it would be worth chopping if you needed something shorter. I would -love- to see this company offer a wider variety of sizes, as we are not all shaped the same way (nor are we wearing the same size children). As of now, the pickings are slim.

In short, I think Hip Baby Wrap Kiwi is a pretty solid wrap for the price I paid. My base with a newborn is a size 6, so what the company offered fits me well. If your base size differs, or you are looking for a wrap in a different size, look elsewhere. But if you are new to wrapping, wearing a newborn, and/or find it on sale, Hip Baby Wrap is a great option.


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