Carrier review: Yaro Braid Purple Emerald Soft Linen

Brand: Yaro

Style: Braid Purple/Emerald

Makeup: 60% cotton/40% linen

Size: 5

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Though I’ve owned this wrap for a while, it has not been used very frequently. The size (base -2) was not something I used frequently while wearing the twins, so it sat for a long time. Though I loved the color way, a size 5 was my “nemesize” for a long time.

Braids reads bluer in these photos than it is in real life, and the combination of emerald and purple threads makes for a striking wrap. The name “soft linen” is also apt, as the wrap was wonderfully moldeable despite not being broken in.

One of the best qualities of this wrap is the stretch, a term not usually used to describe linen blends. I am a huge fan of linen’s rock-solid support (my most-used ring sling is 100% linen) and its relative breathability. To my complete surprise, this wrap encompasses both of those qualities while also being wonderfully moldeable with great recoil. It feels almost like wrapping with a rubber band.

This far, we’ve used Braids for walking to and from class, hiking with our Hike It Baby branch, and running errands around town.

I found it to be supportive, moldeable enough for tiny babies, and very easy to wrap with. There is a small amount of grip due to the weave, but passes glide easily.

This is a great wrap (and brand) for those looking to branch out into different fiber blends while not spending an arm and a leg. Yaro produces high-quality wraps with a very reasonable price point, and offers a variety of sizes–this wrap is still available in a 6.5m option.

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