World Breastfeeding Week

Happy weekend!

Somehow we find ourselves already in the month of August, and celebrating World Breastfeeding Week! Between summer activities and my own continuing education, it seems like July flew by without much warning.

As I sit here typing, my youngest baby is nursing herself to sleep. As of today, I’ve breastfed my children for 53 months total–no small feat!

Breastfeeding my children, like birthing them, has helped me realize the power of the human body and how incredible the creation and sustaining of life really is.

When I feel powerless and vulnerable, it helps to remember that I am co-creator of four incredible people who will grow up to change the world.

As my mother once told me, “My children are my mark on the world.”

Breastfeeding is an integral part of my parenting, but that doesn’t mean it has come easily or naturally. The first time I breastfed my oldest, I had no idea what was normal or not, and the lactation support at the hospital seemed more concern with my pumping output than with baby’s actual needs.

Now that I’ve got almost 5 years of experience breastfeeding, I understand how woefully ignorant I was about parenting in general, but breastfeeding in particular. Had I the support system and learning resources every new parent deserves, perhaps the first few months of nursing my first child would have gone a little more smoothly.

La Leche League is my primary source for breastfeeding information and support. If you are currently breastfeeding and having trouble, if you are in need of some information about breastfeeding before your baby is born, or if you just need some quality adult conversation, please find your local La Leche League group and attend a meeting. They helped immensely with my own breastfeeding issues and I am so grateful for the experience and warmth they provide during their series meetings.

Keep calm and latch on,


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