Why hire a doula?

“Many hands make light work.”

While “light work” is not a descriptor used to describe labor and delivery, it is true that having a trusted support person helps make giving birth that much less stressful.

Before the heavy emphasis on individualism and medicalized birth, pregnant people were often surrounded by family members, neighbors, and even their own older children while giving birth. Whether it was to help the laboring person find a more comfortable position, give relief to the birth partner, or ensure the birth parents felt safe, support people filled a necessary role in family life.

That is where a doula comes in. Though we may have never met before your pregnancy, it is my job to support you and your partner through one of the most intimate, vulnerable, and beautiful experiences of your life. Whether you have had nine children or this is your first pregnancy, I will help you articulate what you want during your birth, provide support and comfort measures during labor, and help ensure a smooth transition from pregnancy to parenthood.

From my personal experience as a mother, and my training with DONA I commit to supporting you and your family through whatever birth you may desire, and help you feel like the empowered parent you are.